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Triguna Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic is one of the best ayurvedic clinics in Vapi, Daman. We have started our journey in the five years ago and within a short span of time, we have reached throughout the vapi. We also have one more ayurvedic hospital at Talasari.
In Triguna clinic, we have cured more than 6000+ patients with the full treatment till the end. We also have a panchakarma clinic to make your health fully cure. We are treating all kind of disease with the help of ayurveda.
Dr. Shamika Kadam & Dr. Randhir Kadam is our main doctors who have experience of more than 10+ years in Ayurveda.

Why you should choose Triguna Ayurveda?

Our moto is not to just cure your disease but also keep you healthy forever'

That's why we offer you

Detox and rejuvenation packages for your lifelong wellbeingness of mind body and spirit. In day to day life we accumulate many toxins inside our body because of unhealthy foods,wrong lifestyle, pollution,stress and many more reasons. These toxins are rootcause of many diseases such as harmonal disorders like diabetes, thyroid, obesity, infertility,joint and spine disorders, digestive problems and many more.
Due to these toxins, our body gets weaker and prone to many infections such as cough,cold ,fever and even corona also, because these toxins lowers your immunity and make you sick again and again. With the help of panchkarma we help your body to detoxify which will boost your metabolism, health, strength and immunity and rejuvenate your body.

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Shamika Kadam

Shamika Kadam

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Randhir Kadam